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TEL :- 01200 411310 - Clitheroe, Whalley, Chatburn, Ribbley Valley

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Rats and mice can be a real problem pest in the beautiful rural Ribble Vallley area. Our mouse and rat Pest Control Services can help you with any rodent infestation. Rats can soon take over houses, barns and farm land. They can spread disease and sickness and if left alone to breed, they can rapidly become a massive issue for home owners in Clitheroe, Lancashire.


Rats and mice are normally nocturnal creatures so if you see a rat or mouse in the day time it can be a sign that you have a very high population of rodents that need controlling as soon as possible. Rats will eat almost anything so it's important to try and keep your property as clean as possible especially your gardens, yards, sheds and garages.


Rats love bins, tips, compost piles and bird feeders so you need to make sure these items are clean and secure.

Prevention is always the best solution so gaps in doors and walls need to be proofed against rodent activity.